Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dominic Limpin: The Singing Travelling Nurse

In a time when Filipino nurses are stereotyped and under appreciated, one Filipino stands out in his profession through his own unique way.

Dominic Limpin, a Filipino nurse who have been working in New York City on the 9/11 bombing of the world trade center is helping himself heal from post traumatic syndrome by traveling the US and singing to his patients while performing his duties as a dialysis nurse.

Dominic Limpin signed on with a company that sends him around the U.S. As a traveling nurses, he helps hospitals fill in empty shifts while using his voice to ease the suffering of his patients while attending to them.

“I never encounter any patient, no matter how sick they are or grouchy, who doesn't like singing.” says Dominic.

Dominic may be a little modest about his musical abilities. He performed with a choir that sang with the Philharmonic in New York City. He says he’ll do anything to get patients’ minds off their ailments.



  1. Having a person like him around surely makes any hospital experience bearable. Kudos to the guy.

    Allen S.
    Medical Dictionary

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